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SEO strategies during Pandemic: shifts and adaptations

The pandemic has definitely changed SEO strategies in a lot of ways, and today we will discuss how these shifts relate to your website content strategy. Let’s begin! Make sure your business is related It’s important to remember that COVID-19 has affected industries to different extents. To rank for questions people will ask during and […]

Top Tools to Boost Your Blogging in 2020. Part 1

Blogging is a huge part of almost any content strategy. Blogging can help you generate more leads, foster trust with your readers, and improve your rankings on search. Nowadays with the high level of competition in the industry you have to invest time and effort into your blog strategy. The good news is that at […]

Blogging: alive or dead?

The rumors about if blogging has actually died have been circling since forever. And since forever there are people who say that “it’s officially over”. Yet here we are, working, living and in fact much more alive than ever. So, to answer the question: alive! But then here is a real problem: how to step […]