Billing and Withdrawal Guide

Dear Publishers,

Your partnership means a lot to us. We are constantly improving our platform for your benefit and convenience. In this article, we have brought together all the information you may need regarding updating your billing profile, issuing invoices and funds withdrawal. Because we know, money likes exactness, as well as all money procedures. Let’s take a look!

1.How to set your billing details in our system

Your billing details are needed for payment automation process, so please update it inside your account.

In order to do that you need to:

Select “Create billing profile” from the sub-menu under “Account”

From the “Profile Type” tab, please choose payment method of your choice. We recommend filling Bank details for all our publishers, along with one additional payment method. 

Option 1 – If you choose Bank option, please fill in all the details. All the fields are necessary to create an invoice for Bank transfer. 

Option 2 – If you choose Debit/Credit card option, you will be directed to this form in Profile Information tab. Please fill in all the details. 

Option 3 – If you pick Paypal payment method, please fill in all the fields in the form below on Profile Information Tab:

Option 4 – If you choose Webmoney payment option, please complete the form shown in the screenshot below:

2. How to Withdraw Your Balance from Indoleads Platform

In order to withdraw the available funds, please log in to your account and do the following:

1. Click on the “Balance” icon in the top right corner of your dashboard.

2. Refer to the “Ready for withdrawal” line.

3. Click on the “Withdrawal” button for the amount to be released.

Do make sure to have over USD100 ready for withdrawal as it is the minimal payment threshold. We reserve the right not to process any payments, if they a

4. Choose the appropriate payment method.

5. Add amount that you would like to withdraw.

6. Click on “Submit” and allow for the page to load.

In the “Check Details” section you will be able to see the details of the paid conversions.

IMPORTANT – Do make sure to send us an invoice after you have submitted a withdrawal request!

3. How to Issue an Invoice

– Issue an Invoice in USD to the following company details:

BeautyMe Marketplace(M) Sdn Bhd.

Address: Lot 6.08, 6th Floor, Plaza First Nationwide, No. 161 Jalan Tun H. S. Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

Tax ID code: C 24046714-00

– In the details of invoice please state “for Affiliate Marketing services” and the amount you are withdrawing.

– In the invoice please mention the Date and Invoice Number, as well as your Billing details that correspond to your Billing Profile in our system.

You MUST include the Payment instructions according to the details in your billing profile – it is required to include the PAYMENT METHOD in the invoice.

The payment method must correspond to the information in your billing profile to verify your identity.

– Send Invoice to CC and to track the status of your invoice.

– Make sure to use your registered email address on our platform to verify your account.

– Wait 5-7 working days for the Invoice to be processed!

Wrapping it up

As you see, everything is pretty easy. If you have never created an invoice before – please use some free services like – it is a free, fast and convenient service for creating PDF invoices.

Please contact your AM if you have any questions regarding these procedures or leave a comment in the comment section below. Have a nice day!

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